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As I approach retirement, I find that despite years of teaching and writing, that I have far too many stories and ideas that remain untold.

These web pages are a work in process that I have created to store many of my ideas and thoughts, my musings and ponderings on a wide range of topics. If you know me, you may enjoy some of these stories, articles, and papers.  If you do not know me, you may still enjoy them and come to know me.

If you browse the various pages herein, you will be exposed to fiction and nonfiction, discussions of physics and math, imagination and speculation, discussions and analyses on a wide variety of disciplines.  Some of these are completed works, written and published; others remain half-written; some are notes awaiting attention and time for their completion

You may find the answers to some questions here, but as with all good stories, many questions remain unanswered; sometimes the questions are far more important than any answers you might find.

Feel free to explore the writings gathered here.  Some topic areas are far more robust and complete than others.  As I said, this is a work in progress.  Thus, here are many untold stories on untold topics.   If you find anything interesting, please leave comments as you feel appropriate.  I appreciate any feedback you might offer.  And come back, because, with so much remaining to be told, there will likely be more here when you return.

Read and I hope you enjoy these topics as much as I do.


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The sections entitled FICTION, NONFICTION, and NOVELS contain writings; some published, some not

The sections entitled JEFF'S BLOGS contain blogs and articles on different topics, including PHYSICS, MIND&INTELLIGENCE, MATH, and general topics (JEFF'S JOURNALS and ANECDOTES).

The section ABOUT JEFF is just fun personal stuff containing FAVORITES (poems, quotes, books, etc.)

Contact me here if you have comments or feedback for me on any of these.