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Through Other Eyes
The Matriarch
The Timepiece
A Failure to Communicate
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Final Lesson
One Last Time
Ripples in Time
Saving Grace
Springtime on Mars
The Prize Beyond the Gate
Turn in the road
Those who watch
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Non-Fiction (Enya's "May It Be")

Searching for the five percent
When Science Invaded Fiction
The Violet Star
The Stigma of Science Fiction
Nineteenth Century Society and Technology

Six Sigma – Software Quality Improvement

It’s Not Rocket Science
A Primer on Failure Mode Effects Analysis
Return on Investment for Six Sigma
A Primer on Quantitative Decision Making

Novels (Scheherazade - The Story of the Kalander Prince)

Time to Spare
Deadly Vantage
The Last Battle
The Beginning of Wisdom
A Misfortune of Stars
Mindgames – Knights Gambit (Enya’s “Shepard Moons”)

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