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All of these pieces of fiction are copyrighted. Some have been published; others have not.

Published - All of these have been published, but I still own rights to them and may try to have them republished one of these days.

A Turn in the Road - A Victorian era SF novel about things that might have been.
Dialogues - Communication is difficult especially when there are big differences to overcome
Failure to Communicate - Sometimes individuals just don't conenct at all
One Last Time - A pastiche dedicated to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and his most famous character
Ripples in Time - Memories are never truly lost and love can reach across the greatest gulf of all
Saving Grace - A poke in the eyes of Mother Church and first contact science fiction
Springtime on Mars - There will always be a frontier and it will alway be moving
The Prize Beyond the Gates - Sometimes the prize we seek is worthy of our greatest efforts
Lucid Dreams - Based on my most recurrent dream... or is it a dream after all?

Unpublished - New ventures that have not yet found a home.

Through Other Eyes - A personal story; part fact and part fiction; a story of tragedy and love.
The Matriarch - What if the only thing you had to do to live forever was to die?
The Timepiece - Some secrets are too risky to reveal
Emergent Behavior - Can robots be intelligent? - Define intelligence
The Deathwish - Aa sad cautionary tale & a question about whether a man can be haunted by his own ghost
Final Lesson - Sometimes an idea is just too good to allow.
Philosopher’s stone - Some discoveries simply cannot avoid being noticed
Those Who Watch - My first venture into horror, so far.
The Waystation - In honor of Clifford D Simak
False Dawn - The dawn of every new age also has a sunset.
The End - A flowery and elaborate telling of the ultimate universal finale
Dreamtime - The Australians have legends of a place that transcends past, present and future
The Engines of Time - A modern, yet victorian, science fiction story about a man displaced in time

Flash Fiction - These were experiments in "flash fiction" sories told in 100 words or less. Quite a challenge. But if you read these, don't blink.