By Jeff Robinson (99 words)

For eons Man had watched and listened to the patterns behind the stars; studying, analyzing, learning. Eventually, he discovered encoded instructions of information overlayed on the background radiation on the other side of the most distant galaxies. Man finally translated these earliest codes from the fading echoes of the universe's creation. Ultimately, everything was information; matter, energy, life, the very laws of physics. When these coded mechanisms of creation were learned, the high age of Man began. Until one day, the stars suddenly began to grow cold and collapse upon themselves. Searching, a new instruction was discovered:

'Reboot Initiated'.

By Jeff Robinson (100 words)

There was a >>FLASH<< of light.
"Damn," said the scientist. "Didn't work."

Looking at the fully charged capacitors, he checked the connections to his newly completed temporal-translocator, the first working time-machine. This first test was supposed to have sent him back exactly one-minute in time, but the capacitors were still fully charged. The predicted burst of photo-chronic radiation occurred, but the capacitors hadn't discharged. Temporal-displacement hadn't occurred.
"Well, I'll try it once more, before I recheck the wiring." Studying the capacitor charge gauge, he pressed the initiation button.

There was a >>FLASH<< of light.
"Damn," said the scientist. "Didn't work." ...


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