intractable problems in contemporary physics
- action at a distance
- the missing graviton
- why are there no magnetic monopoles
- the expanding universe
- dark matter
- missing dimenstions
- other problems in physics

why the universe isn't expanding (Why Hubble was wrong)
time dilation in a Newtonian universe
michelson-morley revisited
einstien relativity and paradox (most hated and most verified theory)
extra dimenstions (where are they?) - infinite in both directions
a four dimensional model of space
gravity is not a radiated force (objects are not pulled together. they are pushed)
electrostatics and four dimensional spin
electromagnetism and why there are no magnetic monopoles
transverse waves and compression waves
early concepts of ether
light is a four dimensional surface acoustic wave
light is a gravity wave
solitons and antigravity
gravity wells and four dimensional surface phenomenon; more than an analogy
dark matter to explain deviations in gravity
the sacred cow of orthodoxy
ptolemaic complexity
electron shells..why? close cubic packing in four dimenstions
neil bohr magnetic quantum numbers and a four dimensional atom
- speed of light is not the same as speed of weak or strong nuclear force
- gravity does not follow inverse square law deep in gravity wells
- solitons can produce anti-gravity
- transuranic elements
Einstein is right but for the wrong reasons (not time dilation, but rather spacial elongation)


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