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The following is a list of novels and books that I have written (or that I am in the process of writing). Those that are published show link to where they can be purchased. Some have links to excerpts from some of the initial chapters. Most have the covers already prepared as they await final edits.

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All Books

The Mindgames Trilogy
Mindgames: Knight’s Gambit - August 2019
Mindgames: Queen Sacrifice (Oct 2019)
Mindgames: Checkmate (Mar 2020)
Tales of Del, Neebo, and Plix - Science fiction adventure novels
A Misfortune of Stars - Oct 2019
A Temptation of Stars - Jan 2020
A Fortune of Stars (Apr 2020)

Other SciFi Novels

Deadly Vantage - August 2019
The Matriarchs - Dec 2019
Darker Days (Apr 2020

Worldwalkers (May 2020)
Message in a Magnetic Bottle (Jun 2020)
The Beginning of Wisdom (2021)

Soulcage (2021)
The Final Battle (2021)

The Timefield Duology - Science Fiction Novels
Time to Spare (Nov 2019)
Time Despair (Dec 2019)
One-in-a-Hundred (Jan 2020)

The Mindgames Trilogy

Mindgames: Knight’s Gambit ebook or paperback

Link to Excerpt Mindgames: Knights Gambit

Imagine what would happen if the government stumbled across a drug that could turn about one in ten thousand people into fully functional telepaths. What would they do with such a drug? And what would they have such telepaths do?

This is a story of people caught in struggle for power and control. It is a story of powerbrokers, telepaths, and secrets that have remained hidden for centuries.

The drug creates a dangerous shift in power between governments, militaries and powerful groups that wish to remain hidden. But the results are unpredictable, since secrets once discovered cannot remain secret anymore.

Mindgames: Queen Sacrifice

No links No excerpt yet

This is the second book in a trilogy about telepaths and governments who want to stop, control, or destroy them. 

Powerful families of telepaths vie with one another for power and control, and a few new telepaths try to carve out a place for themselves in a very dangerous and unstable world.

A silent and secret war rages and the consequences could dramatically affect the future of the world.

Mindgames: Checkmate

No links No excerpt yet

This is the final book of a trilogy, where the discovery of a neurotransmitter that can make anyone a full telepath, disrupts the balance of power between ancient families, governments, and militaries around the world.

While one group of newly enabled telepaths strives to create something that has never existed before, others are committed to destroy those who they cannot control. 

Technology clashes with a new breed of humans, who seek to define a destiny of their own, and those committed to stopping them at all costs.

The Missing Star Trilogy

A Misfortune of Stars ebook paperback

Link to Excerpt A Misfortune of Stars

This is a story of three galactic explorers in a universe many centuries from now.  

Del is an entrepreneur, who sometimes works on the shady side of the law. 

Neebo is an Artificial Intelligence, whose origins may lie with a forgotten race of alien destroyers, who were themselves wiped out more than 1,500 centuries ago.  

Plix is a highly intelligence symbiote with an agenda of his own.  

The adventures of this unique trio involve intrigue, ancient secrets, powerful governments and corrupt cartels. An ancient technology, that they inadvertantly discover, upsets the balance of power across the known galaxy and places them in incredible danger that will be impossible to survive.

This is space-opera in its finest tradition; exciting, intriguing, and action filled.

A Temptation of Stars

No links No Excerpt yet

This is the second book in a trilogy about Del, Neebo and Plix, a rather unique trio of entrepreneurs and adventurers.  

Together they are on the verge of the greatest discovery in millennia, the rediscovery of a lost, ancient alien civilization that was wiped out more than 1,500 centuries before.

Hurrying to reach their prize before others can, they embark on a dangerous quest that will either make them unimaginabley rich and powerful, or get them killed.  Some secrets, however, are too big to control and the more they learn, the less likely they are to survive to claim their prize.

This is classic space-opera at its finest; with fascinating characters, captivating science and technology, fast paced action, and surprises at every turn.

A Fortune of Stars

No links No excerpt yet

The final book in a trilogy where three adventurers, Del, Neebo, and Plix, uncover the secrets of an inconceivably powerful civilization that was wiped from existence more than 1,500 centuries ago. 

They uncover secrets and science long since forgotten and lost, but they also inadvertantly awaken forces that were best left asleep and idle.

Armed with new weapons and technology the explorer discover that all their newfound knowledge and power is not enough to save them from the destroyers who wiped out countless civilizations, so very long ago.

The Matriarchs ebook paperback

No excerpt yet

Evolution has been punctuated with many advances over time.  Fish gave way to reptiles that breathed air and laid eggs.  Animals became warm-blooded and mammals appeared that bore live young.  Man appeared and became the dominant lifeform on the planet because of his intelligence.  What would the next stage of evolution be?  What would happen if those who represent that next step already existed amongst us?  What if the secret of their tenuous co-existence with homo sapiens became known and what would they do to keep their existence a secret?

Deadly Vantage ebook paperback

Link to Excerpt Deadly Vantage

Imagine a device that would allow you to spy on anything, anywhere, at any time.  Imagine being able to discover secrets buried for decades and what people would do with such a device, if they had sole use of it for decades.  Then what would happen, if knowledge of this technology leaked.  What would governments and intelligence agencies do to obtain this technology? And what might others do to keep it secret? 

This is a story about the government, the military, intelligence agencies, and their quest for power.   Some want the technology to uncover secrets to control people; others want to acquire information to sell; others want to use the device for very personal reasons.  Conflicting groups face off with one another and vie for ownership of this very unique tool. 

This is a story about ethics, identity theft, good intentions, and our basest behaviors.  Throughout the book, themes and topics about the power of technology, crime and punishment, law and justice, anonymity, and vigilantism shape a techno-thriller unlike any you have read before. 

After all, new discoveries of this magnitude can’t remain secret forever.


No links No excerpt yet

What would happen if a way to travel to other parallel world was discovered.  Governments on many different worlds vie for power and control, as ancient secrets are discovered and exploited. How can those who learn new scientific mysteries survive when everyone wants them dead so that their control of unknown pathways between worlds will remain secret.

Darker Days

No link No excerpt yet

Overpopulation, depletion of resources, global warming, pollution and natural disaster finally result in a worldwide collapse that is inevitable and inexorable. As billions die, the world falls apart and the divide between the haves and the have-nots threatens to destabilize the world so much that no one may survive.  This is the story of five very different groups and the stories of their survival and the new world that they ultimately shape and create.

Message in a Magnetic Bottle 

No links No excerpt yet

A new method of interstellar flight heralds the first expedition to another star.  But that technology unlocks a way to send messages back in time.  However, if the past can be changed, then the future becomes malleable and changes can either save mankind or destroy it.

Time to Spare

No links Link to Excerpt Time to Spare

This novel is about a simple invention that ends up having great implications. Everyone has at one time or another wished they have a device that could change the flow of time. If you need a few extra hours and don't have enough time, you could speed up time and get more work done before your deadline at work. Or if you are waiting for a connnection at an airport for a plane that won't arrive for hours, you could use the device to slow time down or you so the hours would only seem like minutes or seconds.Truly a wish come true.

But what would the real impact of such a machine be? ... to people, to business, to society. This is a story about such an invention. Of course, you should always be careful what you wish for.    

(Contains Part 1 – Discovery and Part 2 – Exploitation.)

Time Despair

No link Add Excerpt here

The true implications of ‘timefields’, small volumes of space where time can be speeded up or slowed down, manifest themselves as society and the economy are torn apart.  Nations fall, people, companies and knowledge fragment, and a thousand years of technological advances are developed in a mere twenty-five years.  The world is transformed and people learn, too late, that they should be careful what they wish for.

The conclusion of Time to Spare, containing Part 3 – Fragmentation and Part 4 – Disintegration.)

The Beginning of Wisdom

No Links Link to The Beginning of Wisdom

If we finally met another alien race (or races), they could very well be truly alien. They might think quite differently from us.

Indeed, they might think and behave so differently that they would seem insane to us... and they might think us insane as well.

Thisis a first contact novel where the human race meets an intergalactic community of aliens who are not like us at all.

Things don't go well during then first encounter with humans but later they bestow upon humanity a truly awe imspiring gift, a gift of knowledge, compiled from a thousand different civilixzations over nearly a billion years.

A first it is deemd a priceless gift, but later many wonder if it might not be a curse, a trick or a trap to test and/or destroy humanity.

The value of knowledge, after all, depends on what you do with it and the gift they provide is not unlike giving a nuclear power plant to cavemen.

This is a story about intelligence, alien civuilizations, man's true nature and humanity's response to knowledge that it is not ready for.

Learning how to deal with such terrible knowledge is ultimately the beginning of Wisdom.


The Final Battle

No Links Link to Exceprt The Final Battle

This novel is about angels and demons, but then again it really isn't. It is actually a story about what makes us human and it is also about about duty, conviction, and compassion.

Good and evil manifest themselves in very special ways as humanity is exposed to a race of beings that has been fighting a civil war for more than ten thousand years across a thousand different worlds.

As race of near immortals confronts ancient adversaries and the war, which strangely started on Earth so long ago that it has been forgotten, and is nearing an end.

Over millenia, mankind has only had hints about this conflict and much of what was once known has long since been lost and relagated to in myth and legend.

As the conflict shifts and focuses on our world and there is serious doubt about whether or not humanity can or will survive.     


No Link No excerpt yet

In the near future, a physcist with a new ultrasesitive detector, developed at a nearby high energy lab, makes a remarkable discovery.

The detector, which he planned to market to hospitals as the ultimate in diagnostic imaging equipment, reveals something quite unexpected. As he conducts imaging studies on patients in a hospice, he records energy transitions that show quantum level energies leaving the body at the moment of death.

Disturbed that he might have just recorded evidence of a human soul, he is uncertain how to proceed.

His scientific investigations challenge him to rethink his opinions about religion and mysticism, science and superstition, and he is led him into confrontations with other scientists, fraudulant psychics, and perhaps real ones.

He also discovers an ancient evil that he inadvertantly feeds and nurishes. As it grows and searches for new victims, he franticaly searches for a way to undo the damage he has caused but no one belives him and he finds himself without allies in a battle where no one believes him.

Science and religion clash in a techno-thriller unlike any you have read before.

One in One Hundred

No Link No excerpt yet

One in a hundred people are millionaires.

One in a hundred boy scouts achieves the rank of Eagle

One in a hundred people have and IQ of 130 or more.

Or so we're told.

Every wants to be special. Everyone want to be exceptional in some way.

This book looks at statistics, of all sorts, and identifies some of the ways that people excel or stand out. It looks for ways that people are different from most other people. It is a book of numbers and statistics, but it's not a math book in any way.

Sometimes being one in a hundred is a very good thing (education, achievements, intelligence, wealth, etc.) Sometimes being in the 'one percent' is not a good thing (crime, illness, malady, deaths, etc.). Sometimes the special nature of being a singled from the other 99% of people is merely a mundane fact or odd characteristic (your height or weight, what your job is or the place where you live.)

If you read these selected statistics, you're bound to find something that makes you a one-percenter in some way. The category may be good, bad, mundane or odd, but everyone is special in some way.